Final meeting program is available here (PDF download)

Final abstract booklet is available here (PDF download)

Speaker Institution Title of Presentation
Rachel Adams UC Berkeley Groundtruthing next-gen sequencing for microbial ecology: is beta diversity robust to errors in pyrosequencing?
Nicholas A. Bokulich UC Davis Regional Patterns in Grape Fungal Consortia Define Wine Fermentation Communities
Sara Branco UC Berkeley Fungi at a small-scale: spatial zonation of fungal assemblages around single trees
C. Titus Brown Michigan State University Sequencing and assembly of diverse eukaryotes: like metagenomics, but much harder
Peter Countway Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Microbial Euks from the Deep: Insights from DNA- & RNA-based gene libraries, single-cell whole genome amplicons, and high-pressure grazing experiments
Simon Creer Bangor University, Wales Eukaryotic metagenetic biodiversity assessment: current status, challenges and future opportunities
Tom Delmont Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Phaeocystis antarctica spatiotemporal diversity, activity and its relation to prokaryotes and viruses using physiological and ‘omic approaches
Sofie Derycke Ghent University, Belgium Towards building a reliable meiofauna reference database to link OCTUs to species names
Jonathan Eisen UC Davis The need for a phylogeny driven genomic encyclopedia of eukaryotes
Laura Eme Dalhousie University Large scale phylogenomic analyses of Blastocystis subtype 1 reveals a major role for lateral gene transfer in adaptation to parasitism of the human gut
Jack Gilbert Argonne National Lab Addressing microbial eukaryotic biogeography in home, hospitals and the world
Jean-David Grattepanche Smith College Diversity of diversity: an assessment of the differences between bacterial and protist communities in marine environments
Victor Hanson-Smith UC San Francisco Identifying Loci of Functional Evolution in Ancestral Genes
Andrew Krohn Northern Arizona University Rhizosphere microbial community dynamics of drought-stressed pinyon pines (Poster)
Franck Lejzerowicz University of Geneva Exploring the deep-sea foraminiferal diversity by multiplexed RNA and DNA-based ultra-deep sequencing and ultra-fast bioinformatic analyses
Matthew Morgan CSIRO Australia Next-generation sequencing reveals the impacts of inundation and drought on eukaryote biodiversity in semi-arid floodplain soils
Laura Wegener Parfrey University of Colorado, Boulder Incorporating microbial eukaryotes into analyses of the human microbiome
Katherine Pollard UC San Francisco Quantifying taxonomic and functional diversity of metagenomes from next-generation sequencing data
Dorota Porazinska University of Florida Discrimination of microscopic pests of agricultural importance with NGS
Thomas Richards NHM London Horizontal gene transfer and the evolution of the ‘fungal lifestyle’
Surya Saha Cornell University Composition of the Maize Endophytic Microbiome is Correlated with Maize Genotype (Poster)
Andreas Sjödin Swedish Defence Research Agency Hunting the unrevealed protozoan reservoir of Francisella(Poster)
Søren Sørensen University of Copenhagen Is everything everywhere? – Metagenomic analysis of bacteria communities
Fabian Staubach Stanford University Host species and environmental effects on bacterial communities associated with Drosophila in the laboratory and in the natural environment
Sarah Stephenson CSIRO Australia Metagenetic examinations of benthic eukaryl estuarine communities
Joshua Stern Georgia Institute of Technology Searching for the Phylogenetic Place of Eukaryotes, Using Data from STORI
W. Kelley Thomas University of New Hampshire Back to the future: Large insert clones and building reference metagenomes
Xianfa Xie Virginia State University Comparative genomic study of the origin and evolution of eukaryotes